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Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery services


“Save time, save money! Every business should develop and be able to implement a solid, reliable disaster recovery plan. That’s exactly what COMING did for us.”

IT manager, Arriva Litas

If you need to protect against system outages whether caused by hardware failures, software malfunction and cyber-attacks then we can ensure you have the required guaranteed Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery in place.

By copying data off-site and implementing the right Disaster Recovery strategy you can ensure business continuity for your company.
It is why, for the last decade, we at CCE, devoted ourselves to offering our customers Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery services.
Our portfolio consists of:

Two engineers protecting data on physical servers

Remote Backup Services:

Illustration of a cloud in witch there are two arrows representing virtual backup

Remote Backup for Virtual servers

extended workload protection for VMware and Hyper-V VMs based on Veeam Backup & Replication solution with Veeam Cloud Connect

Illustration of a desktop being backed up in a cloud

Remote Backup for workstations

Protection of critical customer data with Veeam Agent for Workstation, anywhere at any time!

Illustration for Physical server backup

Remote Backup for Physical servers

Backup-as-a-Service with Veeam Agents for physical Windows and Linux servers

Illustration of a network of servers used to backup office365 workload

Backup for Office365 workloads

back up Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams data!

Disaster Recovery Services:

Illustration of a server being backup

Disaster Recovery for VMware and Hyper-V workloads

Ensured minimum RPO and RTO parameters with Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Illustration of blue tools that represent a custom backup

Custom Disaster Recovery services

Analyzing, architecting, and configuring Disaster Recovery solution tailored to your business needs. Replication on storage, hypervisor, and application layer.

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