Top six benefits of implementing a DMS

What are the six benefits of implementing a DMS to digitalise your business?
One of the easiest ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and help reduce our impact on the environment, is by digitalisation with a Document Management System, or DMS as they’re often referred to. Not only will a DMS help you and your team to become more organised and efficient, but it could also mean the difference between winning a piece of business or losing out to a competitor who already has a DMS in place.

What is a DMS?
A Document Management System does exactly what it says on the tin. Its main use is to enable users to receive, track, manage and store documents digitally using Cloud technology thus reducing, or even eliminating, the need to use paper – a paperless office!

The DMS that our experts here at CCE have developed does all of the above and much, much more. Our focus is on delivering an excellent user experience (UX) all-round irrespective of what device is being used to access the DMS. What’s more, it’s available for users to connect securely and work on all of the time, day or night wherever they find themselves in the world. All that’s required is an internet connection, username and password. We can also create multi-factor authentication for extra security as demanded.

What are the benefits of implementing a DMS from CCE?
There are multiple benefits to adding a DMS to any business. Here are our top six:

  • Automate your working processes – this is probably what our clients have benefited the most from to date. When you consider a DMS this is perhaps one of the most important capabilities to boost your business productivity. With CCE you can automate any of your working processes as and when you wish, from your key activities such as contract and project management to virtually any business processes. You can optimise and secure a process with full oversight and audit trail so you can see who in your team is working on what and when. You can even assign a traffic light (red, amber, green) system to documents to ensure business processes are being adhered to and deadlines met, or missed!
  • Create an audit trail – our DMS will allow you to keep a record of each and every version of any document you create. What’s more you will be able to see when any of your colleagues modify any document so you can keep a track of what’s been changed or added and when. This is the ideal way to keep an audit trail of everything you do, and it means that your work is archived securely for access whenever you need it. Different security and privilege levels can also be added to each document as required.
  • E-invoicing – more and more companies are using e-invoicing and our DMS is compatible with most systems via an API that will connect the two pieces of software. This connection will reduce admin time by facilitating fast, efficient and highly secure e-invoicing to any new and existing clients and customers.
  • Digital archive – search the digital archive, find and access any document you need in seconds with our advanced, meta data search option. You can even customise your search options to make it even easier to find what you need, when you need it. What’s more, you can download and share your documents with our highly intuitive UX. You’ll find, in a matter of days of using our DMS, that you’re even more efficient than you were before!
  • Streamlined workflow management system – create as many, or as few procedures as you need to. Whether you have three or 3,000 procedures the CCE Document Management System is entirely bespoke to your requirements. It can also help you to streamline your workflow system. For example, we helped a client dramatically reduce the time it took them to complete a certain procedure. There are 80 steps in this particular procedure and before they adopted our DMS it would take two weeks from start to finish. It now takes just two hours.
  • Add an e-signature – no need to chase colleagues for their signatures on internal documents or contracts. Simply add your e-signature to any document at the touch of a button wherever you are, in the office, working from home or on holiday.

Selecting a DMS
When it comes to selecting a Document Management Systems, we know that there are many options to choose from. It can be quite baffling! The first decision you will need to make is whether to build or buy a DMS for your organisation.

Both routes have similar advantages and disadvantages to any new software project. If you choose to buy ‘off the shelf’ experience suggests it is rare the system will fit perfectly. So, selecting a solution that has an excellent supporting partner and can be tailored to your specific requirements is critical. Getting senior stakeholder and management buy-in is the next step. We can help you with both as we can create a DMS bespoke to your business and facilitate a free trial for users so you can present the solution (and outline how good it is having used it first-hand!) to the board.

Want to ramp up the digitalisation of your business and take advantage of the six benefits of implementing a DMS? Find out how our tried and trusted DMS can do just that with free, no obligation consultation. Simply contact Karl Glenn on +44 (0) 7736 404080 or email and get ahead of the competition today.